Privacy and cookies policy

Privacy and cookies policy

AliCompare is a small project that aims to help AliExpress shoppers to save time and money efficiently while finding products that interest them. We are not related in any way to Alibaba Inc, AliExpress Inc or any of the Alibaba subsidiaries.

We provide our service through the Google Chrome Extension named AliCompare, hereinafter ‘the extension’.

What information does the service receive?

We get new installs through advertising on different platforms such as Facebook Advertising or Google Adwords, and we use their targeting features to find users who can be interested on our services. You can find more information about their policies here and here.

When the user installs the extension, we assign him a completely anonymized ID which will be saved locally in his Google Chrome browser and in the Google Analytics servers. More info about Google Analytics Privacy Policy can be found here.

Besides the anonymous ID, we might save other advertising targeting information into Google Analytics, such us your country and language, in order to better understand what are the common characteristics of our audience. That information will allow us to improve our service: for example, if we notice that nobody is using our extension in Germany, we might find out that there is some bug that makes impossible to install it in a browser in german language.

Of course, we don’t store any personal information that could allow us to identify you: no name, no email, no address…

Also, through Google Analytics tracking enabled on the extension we track the user’s interactions with the extension, such as sessions on AliExpress site and clicks on the “Find cheaper on other sellers” feature.

We don’t track your browsing on other websites. After the install, the extension browses once the History just to extract the parameters from the Google Chrome page, in order to understand where did you install came from. After that, we don’t need your History at all.

We left the “Read all websites” permission enabled in case some day we decide to expand our service to other stores, but for now the extension doesn’t have any activity outside

How can I have my information deleted?

You can easily remove the extension from the chrome://extensions page, after some time of inactivity your data will be automatically deleted from Google Analytics. If you just want to unlink your future tracking from the past one, you can delete the information stored on your browser on Google Chrome Settings page and the extension will create a brand new ID automatically.

If by any chance you want us to manually remove your past browsing data, it will be a bit tricky: you’ll have to browse into the Google Chrome extensions page, find the AliCompare one and click on See Background Activity. There you will need to open the Chrome Inspector and find your personal ID. You can email it to [email protected] and we’ll delete your past information immediately.

Acceptance of the terms of service

If you don’t agree with any of the previously stated conditions, we politely ask you to remove the extension from your browser.