Thank you for installing AliCompare, you won’t regret it!

With this simple Chrome extension you will be saving time and hopefully money in your AliExpress purchases.

Read on to learn how it works!

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Find it cheaper

This button does exactly what its name implies: just like the old extension, it checks if other sellers have the same product. However, in this new version we have incorporated a new system that works by image search.

This will not only give you better results, but will also enhance the way you search for products by giving you the capability of searching individual product images.

In the case of this cutting board you can now choose to search the green version.

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Simply click on the product you like most, then click on ‘Find it cheaper’ and the extension will find all the sellers that have the green cutting board.


A new window will appear with amazing results (it may take a while, but we are working on making it faster). Once here you can do one of two things: click on a result to open it in a new tab or hit “Find more like this”.

This second option is useful if you are looking for a rare product and there are few good results, this will allow you to keep narrowing your search until you find what you are looking for.

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So what are the ‘Compare’ buttons for?

The last two buttons ‘Add to Compare’ and ‘See Compare’ are used to generate a small table to help you compare products you find. Suppose you find a product available in four different stores, each with its pros and cons: one ships from your country but barely has reviews, three others ship from China but one of them has a high shipping price and another one has complaints due to long delivery times…

By adding your favourite products with the ‘Add to Compare’ button, you will be able to create a detailed summary of each seller so you can pick the best product. In order to view that summary you simply click on ‘View Compare’.

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To start fresh after you’re done comparing simply click on the ‘Three Dot Menu’ and then click ‘Reset Table’.

We really hope the extension helps you out. We humbly believe that it is very useful for when you have found a product you like but you are not convinced by the seller. It is also a great tool for when your favourite store has run out of a specific product and you are forced to search for a new one. Or even when you have found a product you really like but the shipping seems too expensive: simply use AliCompare and find a seller who has it at a similar price but offers free shipping.

Enjoy the extension!

Oh, one last thing, if you would be so kind to leave a positive review in the Google Chrome Store, it would help keep the extension updated and free. Thank you!